Marketing Strategies

Savvy Consultants work hand-in-hand with business owners nationwide to extend their knowledge in business marketing and strategy. Each Consultant takes the time to listen to your needs and create a customized plan specifically dedicated to your business. 


Whether you seek Marketing or Event consulting; Savvy is there each and every step of the way; not only to achieve your ultimate business goals, but also to delight your customers with creativity! Each one of our Savvy Consultants has over 13 years of marketing experience.


We help companies focus their marketing strategy with their business objectives. Our goal is to strategize and organize an effective marketing plan that will ensure the highest returns and reinforce your brand positioning; throughout the process building a loyal customer base that propagates a strong and trusted image.



VIP Program

(specifically for salons, spas, medspas and massage thereapy only)


Our VIP Program is an excellent type of personal contact marketing for any salon and spa. Our consultants have specialized in this type of mass marketing for over a decade. Consider the power of personal referrals and word of mouth advertising for your business. Business leaders consistently report that word of mouth is the BEST form of advertising and any business cannot survive without it!


The VIP program starts with the creation of a beautifully designed gift certificate using a combination of your time and services with up-selling opportunities. Unlike other one-time advertising methods, we invite your new client to sample your services with four visits over a four-month time period. This gives them the opportunity to create a relationship with your business and service providers each and every time they walk through your door. Build clientele immediately without spending thousands of dollars on other pay and pray advertising methods.  


The VIP program is specifically designed to spread the word about your salon and spa throughout your community, reaching as many as 3,000 people in your targeted area.  It is an exciting opportunity for any salon and spa that is looking to energize their business!


Here are more key elements to the VIP program:

  • Bring in a traffic flow of 150-250 new clients within a 4-6 month time period

  • Build your client base & create a positive buzz in the community

  • Reduce your marketing budget and actually put money back into your pocket

  • Build the habit for clients to become long-term, full-paying clients

  • Boost your overall bottom line, tips, and retail sales

  • 100 sample VIP certificates to sell at any price point you desire putting $5,000+ back into your pocket

  • Upgrades - clients upgrade their VIP certificate for longer and additional services

  • Increases client retention

  • Free business consulting and motivational training for your staff members (we assist your staff to prepare for the VIP program and help bring in new & fresh ideas!)


Do you think this could benefit your salon & spa? Check out our short video!


Do you wonder if you are doing the right things to market your business? Do you need some quick tips to immediately impact the effectiveness of your marketing? Set up a 1 hour consultation with us, to help guide you in the right direction

In This 1 Hour Consultation We Will Go Through:

1. Looking at your website, local listing and social media – tips and pointers.

2. Different Marketing programs and which one is the right for you to help generate NEW customers.

3. Making sure you have the right platform for booking and organizing clients.

4. Finance Worksheet– Getting you on the path to making your desired income.

5. Tips and tricks to having a high retention rate with your customer returning back to you.

Start generating more customers and gain more visibility for your business!

Marketing Strategies & Consulting